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March 02, 2006

February 2006 downloads

Download of the month: Against The Logic Of Submission
Readings of eleven essays by the anarchist writer Wolfi Landstreicher (AKA Feral Faun). Powerful, challenging stuff.
Audio Anarchy - Against The Logic Of Submission (MP3)

Other recommended downloads from this month:
Against The Grain - Contras And Indians (MP3)
Ann Hansen on Canada's new high-security detention center (MP3)
Daniel Horowitz on Betty Friedan (MP3, RealAudio)
Howard Zinn - 1984 speech on the Progressive Era (MP3)
Jon Bekken interviewed by Chuck Munson, part 2 (MP3)
Marcy Norton on the history of chocolate (MP3, RealAudio)
Martin J. Sherwin - Oppenheimer's Legacy (MP3)
Orson Welles reading John Brown's last speech (MP3, RealAudio)
Recent editions of the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade (MP3)
Richard Heinberg on peak oil (MP3)
Sheila Jeffreys interviewed by Ann Simonton (MP3)
Simone De Beauvoir interview clip from 1960 (MP3, RealAudio)
William Blum ponders whether Osama Bin Laden has actually read any of his books (MP3)


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