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January 05, 2006

December 2005 downloads

Download of the month: David Zeiger talks about his film 'Sir! No Sir!'
An interview with the director of a recent documentary about GI resistance to the Vietnam war. (I'd highly recommend that people see it!)
David Zeiger on 'Sir! No Sir!' (MP3)

Other recommended downloads from this month:
Against The Grain - The Forgotten History Of Oakland (MP3)
Against The Grain - Unraveling The Soviet Experiment (MP3)
Chip Berlet on Ann Coulter (MP3) Part 1 | Part 2
Discussion of Howard Zinn's A People's History Of The United States (MP3)
Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize speech (RealVideo)
In Our Time - Thomas Hobbes (RealAudio)
In Our Time - The Peterloo Massacre (RealAudio)
Insurrectionary anarchism in Seattle (MP3)
Interview with a supporter of US political prisoner Chris McIntosh (MP3)
John Ross on the Zapatistas and the Mexican election (MP3)
Naomi Klein on torture (MP3, RealAudio)
Noam Chomsky On WFMU (RealAudio)
Noam Chomsky on the Iraqi election (MP3)
OnPoint - Video Game Revolution (RealAudio, WMA)
Pacifica Radio documentary on the Watts riots, from 1965 (MP3, RealAudio)
Robert Jensen - Hope Is For The Weak (MP3)
Seminar series on art and politics (RealVideo)
Spartacus Books re-opens in Vancouver (MP3)
Talks from Marxism 2005 (MP3)
William Kunstler - Clip from 1969 on the right to self-defence (MP3, Realaudio)


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