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October 06, 2005

September 2005 downloads

Download of the month: George Galloway VS Christopher Hitchens
The contest of which of the two could dig himself into the deeper hole did not produce a clear winner. (And they both continue to dig like mad in their respective column inches.) Listen to the 2-hour debate here:
George Galloway VS Christopher Hitchens (MP3)

Other recommended downloads from this month:
Against The Grain - Foucault And The Iranian Revolution (MP3)
Against The Grain - Utopia Unarmed (MP3)
Amiri Baraka lecture on racism/colonialism/capitalism from 1993 (MP3)
Ashanti Alston interview from 1999 (MP3)
Audio Anarchy Radio: A Hitchhiker's Audio Tour Of The United States (MP3)
Audio Anarchy Radio: An Introduction To A Critique Of Technology (MP3)
Barbara Ehrenreich on 'Bait And Switch' (MP3)
Bill C. Davis on Pat Robertson and Hugo Chavez (MP3)
Discussion on race, poverty and Hurricane Katrina (WMA, RealAudio)
Gwen Griffith-Dickson - Philosophy Of Religion (RealAudio)
In Our Time - Magnetism (RealAudio)
Jared Diamond interviewed by Marlene Smith (MP3)
Kanye West's comments on Hurricane Katrina, uncensored (MP3)
Madeleine Parent on her 70 years as an activist (MP3)
Mark Danner on Osama Bin Laden's worldview (WMA, RealAudio)
More Marxism 2004 speeches now available (MP3)
Norman Finkelstein on 'Beyond Chutzpah' (MP3)
NPR report on the Common Ground Collective (WMA, RealAudio)
Reading of Alfredo Bonanno's essay 'The Anarchist Tension' (MP3)


  • Thanks again, Lem.

    By Blogger Robert, at October 06, 2005  

  • Ta. It seems you're the only person who reads my blog, but I'd keep publishing it even if I had no readers.

    (Forget what I said about the Galloway-Hitchens debate -- download and listen to the hitch-hiker's audio diary. Stuff worthy of Kerouac!)

    By Blogger Lem Korova, at October 07, 2005  

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