Lem Korova's Spoken Word Digest

September 03, 2005

August 2005 downloads

Download of the month: Ashanti Alston on the spirit of resistance and the need for solidarity
Ashanti Alston talks about the need to resist border controls, and how the Zapatista uprising inspired him to once again get involved in radical struggle after a period of dormancy:
Ashanti Alston at the No Border gathering (MP3)

Other recommended downloads from this month:
Aaron Glantz on Mediageek (MP3)
Against The Grain - Post-9-11 Meanings (MP3)
Against The Grain - A Tale Of Two Fundamentalisms (MP3)
Christopher Hitchens on Air America (MP3)
Christopher Hitchens on C-SPAN (RealAudio)
Christopher Hitchens on The Daily Show (WMV)
George Draffan on technology and society (MP3)
George Gilder and Richard Dawkins discuss "intelligent design" (RealAudio, WMA)
John Trudell on what it means to be human (MP3)
Michael Parenti on his new book, Superpatriots (MP3)
Recent Anarchy Radio shows (MP3)
Stanley Fish and others discuss truth (RealAudio, WMA)